A Complete Guide of Tiered Link Building by BiS

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In my previous article I have discussed various Link building techniques for 2015 to get higher ranks in the search engine.

A Complete Guide of Tiered Link Building by BiS

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Tiered Link Building is one of them. It’s not a new link building technique but a working technique mostly used by only experienced SEO Service providers. What is tiered link building? Tiered link building is creating back links for high quality back links and so on. Well, one can think it as a mixture of all the techniques discussed in the previous article. Let me explain you step by step how to create back links using tiered link building technique.

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Step1: Create high quality article, blog, wiki, and PR links using error free high quality content (Content Writing Service). Such links are known as tire 1 back links.

Step2: Create back links using profile creation, blog commenting and forum discussions for those (article, blog, wiki and PR) links which are created during “step1”. These links are known as tire 2 back links.

Step3: Do submissions like social bookmarking and directory submission for the back links created during “step2”. Now the back links are called as tire 3 links.

Again, you can create high quality back links for tire 1, tire 2 and tire 3 type back links and do submissions for them as well.

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Benefits of Tiered Link Building: Hopefully, till now you know what Tiered Link Building is and how it works? So it will be easier for me to describe its benefits and even easy for you to understand as well.

We are only creating high quality back links for main website using article, blog, wiki and PR submissions. So there is no harm to your main website in any case. Again, as you know we are not creating low or poor quality back links for the main website using any submission techniques like social bookmarking, directory submissions and profile links directly. So there is no harm to your main website. Even more it will play a vital role to increase domain authority and trust.

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Well, if there will be any update in search engine algorithms and if it is not too strict then tire 3 websites got the penalty, if any. If the update will be a bit strong then tire 2 websites got the penalty, if any. And if the update will be too strong then tire 1 website received the penalty. But still you are safe. So tiered link building is 100% safe to use.

It is also important to use social media marketing service along with SEO and link building service to get better results.

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A Complete Guide On Link Building-2015 By BiS

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Hi Guys I am here with “A Complete Guide on Link Building-2015 by BiS” to help you rank higher in the search engine. In my previous article I have discussed about social media marketing.

A Complete Guide on Link Building-2015 by BiS

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Link building, a well known part of SEO services. It’s one of the most effective ways to rank higher in the search engine. Link building is something like creating votes for any website. Yeah I said votes. A link back to your website works as a vote for your website. Several high quality votes (back links) will surely help you to rank higher in the search engine. But don’t do spam. Don’t know what is spam? Spam is creating a lot of poor quality, and irrelevant back links such as mass directory submissions, social bookmarks, search engine submissions and creating links using auto link builder tools. So if you want to rank higher with safe methods you should avoid doing spam. Well, now a question is coming in your mind what should be done then? All right, since last 3 months I and my team at BiS are doing a case study with our website made for experiments and found excellent results. So we are here to let you know everything. Below is a list of working techniques to rank higher in the search engine.

  1. Article Marketing: Does article marketing still works? Of course yes, it still works even one of the best content marketing Even one of the best link building techniques to get high quality back link and to generate traffic on the website. But you should submit original content on a best spam free article directory in relevant category. Also, keep in mind don’t post a lot of links either in content or in author box. Just one or two link within content and social profiles in author box is fine. Why so? I have seen during article submissions most of the people submit link in author box. Generally, author box is made to provide information about writer and link of its profile but people have started posting a link of the website. Its okay before but now Google boots firstly craw the author box to check the link and neglects the value if the link is found in the author box but at the same time if your link is in content, you will get higher value. So ignore posting link in the author box. Article length varies from 400-600 words.

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  1. Blogging: Again one of the well known working link building techniques. Use image links as well with text link (one image and one text link are good to go with). Don’t forget to use image property such as alt tag, title, description and link to any page or post. Always submit a unique blog post to a blogging network. Create an official blog as well and link the blog to your website.

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  1. Submissions: Weather it is social bookmarking, directory submissions, profile creations or search engine submissions always use unique content for each submission. I know it will take time but surely worth your efforts and gives you higher value. Do not submit same content each time, it will be considered as duplicate content. Again, no mass submissions, just verified submissions are enough. During profile creation don’t forget to include your image, bio even more update the profiles on regular basis.

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  1. Press Release: Two PR’s in a month are fine to go with if you have limited resources, but the content must be error free, informative and unique. Again submit only on best PR submission web directory.
  1. Blog Commenting and Forum Discussion: Blog commenting and forum discussion both are two different techniques used in SEO methodology. Mostly people avoid both of the techniques as it’s a bit difficult to create such links. Why so? A good blog have comment moderation feature enable so when you submit the comment it won’t be visible publicly until a moderator approves the comment. On the other hand, you can’t submit a link in signature instantly as well this is because on a good discussion forum to post a link in signature you must be an old member. So for forum comments you need to build your reputation as an active forum member and then you can post your link in signature with comment.
  1. Tiered Link Building: A number of people don’t know much about “Tiered Link Building”. Tiered Link Building is a well known old link building technique but works in the modern era as well. It’s something like “Old is Gold” for link builders. Create 2 or 3 tire 3 back links to get best results. Don’t know what is Tiered Link Building? How to create back links using Tiered Link Building?

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An Ultimate Guide for Social Media Marketing by BiS for 2015

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Hi guys, in the recent articles I have discussed about search engine optimization now here is a complete guide of social media marketing, also known as social media optimization. As you know, now a day, social media marketing (in short SMM or SMO) is the backbone of any digital marketing campaign. It helps to generate more potential traffic instantly, even more, high quality links from SMO further helps in SEO efforts. Well there is no such definition of social media marketing but it refers to the practice of gaining more customers (traffic) or attention through social media networks.

An Ultimate Guide for Social Media Marketing by BiS for 2015

Most Popular Social Networks:

There are hundreds of social media sites up now on internet but you must need to choose the best platform which works for you and gives value to your business. There is no need to spend time with all social networking sites as most of them are just time wasters. So choose those which suites your business best and worth your efforts. Here is a list of most popular social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

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Top 10 Social Media Tips to Rule in 2015:

  1. Post timely and regularly: It is really important to use the best days and times to post the content. It depends on business niche and market place. For many businesses it’s from Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 10 PM. For some business its weekends. So it’s better, do your own research and find the best day and time according to your business, but post regularly.
  2. Create a relationship with your readers and followers: Don’t forget social media is a tool for engagement. So not just limit yourself to the posts, get in touch of your audience, engage them, get them involved in your posts and reply for their comments on time.
  3. Use images and videos: Don’t limit your posts to text content only, use attractive image or videos as well. Images such as infographics help your followers to understand your business. Use colors wisely while creating images. Even while creating a video make sure it’s professional.
  4. Make social media special and interesting: There should be something special for people to become a fan of you or liking your page. Offer special discounts and freebies for people who follow you on social networks.
  5. Stretch out your profile: You should highlight your social profiles strongly. Make sure to fill every corner of the profile, fill the details completely weather the required information is too short like Google+ or too massive MySpace. This is where personality of your business is developed and it’s really important for brand reputation and management.
  6. Don’t treat them like sales networks: We know the reason why business is on social networks: to increase sales weather directly or through building new customer relationships. But keep in mind, these are social platform not direct sales platforms. So it’s vital to use them accordingly, therefore use them to create relationships, to provide information or to entertain for free.
  7. Include social media into your business plan: Weather it’s a small business or big corporation or a startup everyone have a business plan for growth. So include the social media into it, set goal for different time periods and analysis the progress accordingly. This is how you will see social media worth it or not for you.
  8. Make it easy to share: Weather you’re posting text content or image or video make sure they are interesting and attractive, even make it as easy to share your updates as possible. Don’t forget to link your posts to a landing page of your website or blog or other social profile. If it’s easy for follower to just click and share, they are more likely to do so.
  9. Quality matters not the quantity: Always remember people like quality, if they are following you it means they want to know more about you, your business and your products. So make sure each post have relevant and complete information. Also, fix grammar errors if any. Read it again and again before posting to make sure it’s the best post contains everything for your audience.
  10. Hire social media manager: It should be the ideal way to make your social media campaign successful. Undoubtedly, experts can handle it easily for you. Hire an expert and experienced social media manager full-time or part time according to your budget.

If your company has narrow resources and can hire only one person to manage it all, at a minimum you should hire a person who posses strong writing and designing skills and have enough experience or you should outsource from best social media service provider agency.

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Benefits of outsourcing social media services:

Only few people posses the all required skills and experiences. You can’t easily find them or may need higher budget. But on the other hand if you’re outsourcing from a best SMO company, you will get an experienced team to work for you. A perfect social media team must have an experienced writer, graphics designer and professional video creator. So instead of hiring all of them at your place you should outsource to save money and for best results.

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How to Rank Higher in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP’s): A Complete Guide For 2015

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Hello readers, Merry Christmas, hope you enjoyed it! Please accept my sincere apologies for the delayed update on the blog. Do you know that many entrepreneurs; especially new entrants struggle with Google and other search engines to rank higher in the SERP’s? It is unfortunate that some of them find it quite challenging to improve their statuses and get standard ratings. Some have had to cope with problems such as penalties. Noteworthy is the fact that some have been de-indexed by the search engines due to poor performance.

Are you one of the individuals struggling with SEO? Well, worry no further. The “How to Rank Higher in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP’s): A Complete Guide For 2015” is an all rounded guide ideal for people struggling with SEO. In the last blog post, I briefly described SEO; check it here. Today, I will explain how one can handle search engines to avoid penalties and de-indexing even more how to rank higher in SERP’s. Additionally, I will discuss the various types of SEO; that is, white hat, black hat and gray hat.

How to Rank Higher in SERP’s:How to Rank Higher in the Search Engine Result Page - A Complete Guide For 2015

Higher ranks in SERP’s seem to be the core aim of many entrepreneurs. Some of them have fallen victims to unscrupulous individuals who sell softwares to create back links. They promise their clients of an excellent rating; only to end up facing tough penalties. It is wise to avoid such individuals to avoid being de-indexed. Instead, an entrepreneur ought to master the White Hat SEO and come up with a strategic plan for action. The strategic plans differ from one entrepreneur to another depending on the market structure and the niche. For instance, you may be operating more than one online business, but with a different niche. Therefore, their strategic plans of action should be effective enough to enhance good performance. It’s the key to avoid penalties and de-indexing as well.


Types of SEO:

There are various types of SEO and many people admit to being confused by SEO.

White Hat SEO is a practice used to improve rankings in SERP’s that fulfill the terms and conditions of a search engine; that is, creating backlinks according to their algorithms and latest updates such as panda and penguin (these are the two most effective algorithms of Google updates). It is a complete contrast the Black Hat SEO. White Level SEO revolves around the quality of the content and its description, keyword-rich meta tags, creating back links manually only on relevant niche websites.

Black Hat SEO is the worst thing in SEO that should be avoided. But if you don’t know what it is, how can you avoid it? Engaging in Black Hat SEO can get your site banned from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Black Level SEO is a practice of creating too many but poor quality backlinks, posting copied content with or without grammatical errors and over optimization.

Gray Hat SEO is nothing unusual, but fewer chances of getting you penalized. Today’s Gray Level SEO may be Black Level SEO next year. Don’t need to discuss more as we need to avoid both of them.

So it should be vital and undoubtedly works if you pay attention to quality instead of quantity. I am sure you can beat your competitor with fewer high-quality back links.

Don’t know how to create high-quality back links? Which techniques are going to work for you? Don’t have time to do SEO? Don’t hesitate to hire a result oriented SEO service provider.

At the end, I’d love to say that if you are still confused or have quarries; you can make a comment or get in touch with us.

SEO – An Introduction and Complete Guide to Getting Started

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SEO – An Introduction and Complete Guide to Getting Started

Search engine optimization (in short SEO) is one of the best and well-known digital marketing methodologies used by online business owners widely. SEO methodology includes strategies, techniques and tactics to increase visitors to a website by obtaining higher rankings on search engine result page (SERP) of a search engine. Mostly used search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEO ensures that a website is accessible to a search engine and improves the visibility of the website on a search engine.

Why SEO?

Internet users generally click on top three pages of search results, they do not click through pages and pages. Thus, the one that is on top three pages will surely receive more traffic. The higher a website ranks on organic search results the greater the chances of getting hits. This will surely help the business owner to create a new customer base.

How to find the best SEO Service provider?

SEO is not as easy as before. Major search engines such as Google have changing its algorithms from time to time for the last two years and making them stricter to filter its search results. Only the one who follows white hat tactics can achieve the rankings in SERP’s. So before hiring any SEO Agency make sure how it works, know more about its techniques and strategies, results achieved by it for its clients and current work reports of its clients.

Things to avoid:

There are some important things which need consideration to avoid unnecessary issues with search engine. Even more search engine may punish you by doing so. So it’s vital to avoid such things.

  • Do not use copied content: Content is king!!! The content of your website or blog must need to be fresh, unique and well written. Don’t copy the content from other website and resources. Write your own or hire a content writer.
  • Focus on Quality: Either doesn’t spam or spam and get punished!!! Yeah its true creating too many irrelevant and poor quality back-links may lead to get you penalized by the search engine. This means you can lose your rankings and traffic. On the other hand, if you consider relevancy and quality you can be on top pages of SERP. Even more by creating few good quality relevant back-links you may beat your competitor.
  • Avoid Over optimization: Don’t over optimize the website or blog. Follow search engine guidelines and improve rankings in SERP’s. This is the key to get faster results.

Hosting Service – Big Discount from BiS

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