A Complete Guide of Tiered Link Building by BiS

In my previous article I have discussed various Link building techniques for 2015 to get higher ranks in the search engine.

A Complete Guide of Tiered Link Building by BiS

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Tiered Link Building is one of them. It’s not a new link building technique but a working technique mostly used by only experienced SEO Service providers. What is tiered link building? Tiered link building is creating back links for high quality back links and so on. Well, one can think it as a mixture of all the techniques discussed in the previous article. Let me explain you step by step how to create back links using tiered link building technique.

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Step1: Create high quality article, blog, wiki, and PR links using error free high quality content (Content Writing Service). Such links are known as tire 1 back links.

Step2: Create back links using profile creation, blog commenting and forum discussions for those (article, blog, wiki and PR) links which are created during “step1”. These links are known as tire 2 back links.

Step3: Do submissions like social bookmarking and directory submission for the back links created during “step2”. Now the back links are called as tire 3 links.

Again, you can create high quality back links for tire 1, tire 2 and tire 3 type back links and do submissions for them as well.

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Benefits of Tiered Link Building: Hopefully, till now you know what Tiered Link Building is and how it works? So it will be easier for me to describe its benefits and even easy for you to understand as well.

We are only creating high quality back links for main website using article, blog, wiki and PR submissions. So there is no harm to your main website in any case. Again, as you know we are not creating low or poor quality back links for the main website using any submission techniques like social bookmarking, directory submissions and profile links directly. So there is no harm to your main website. Even more it will play a vital role to increase domain authority and trust.

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Well, if there will be any update in search engine algorithms and if it is not too strict then tire 3 websites got the penalty, if any. If the update will be a bit strong then tire 2 websites got the penalty, if any. And if the update will be too strong then tire 1 website received the penalty. But still you are safe. So tiered link building is 100% safe to use.

It is also important to use social media marketing service along with SEO and link building service to get better results.

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