A Complete Guide On Link Building By BiS

Hi Guys I am here with “A Complete Guide on Link Building-2015 by BiS” to help you rank higher in the search engine. In my previous article I have discussed about social media marketing.

A Complete Guide on Link Building-2015 by BiS

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Link building, a well known part of SEO services. It’s one of the most effective ways to rank higher in the search engine. Link building is something like creating votes for any website. Yeah I said votes. A link back to your website works as a vote for your website. Several high quality votes (back links) will surely help you to rank higher in the search engine. But don’t do spam. Don’t know what is spam? Spam is creating a lot of poor quality, and irrelevant back links such as mass directory submissions, social bookmarks, search engine submissions and creating links using auto link builder tools. So if you want to rank higher with safe methods you should avoid doing spam. Well, now a question is coming in your mind what should be done then? All right, since last 3 months I and my team at BiS are doing a case study with our website made for experiments and found excellent results. So we are here to let you know everything. Below is a list of working techniques to rank higher in the search engine.

  1. Article Marketing: Does article marketing still works? Of course yes, it still works even one of the best content marketing Even one of the best link building techniques to get high quality back link and to generate traffic on the website. But you should submit original content on a best spam free article directory in relevant category. Also, keep in mind don’t post a lot of links either in content or in author box. Just one or two link within content and social profiles in author box is fine. Why so? I have seen during article submissions most of the people submit link in author box. Generally, author box is made to provide information about writer and link of its profile but people have started posting a link of the website. Its okay before but now Google boots firstly craw the author box to check the link and neglects the value if the link is found in the author box but at the same time if your link is in content, you will get higher value. So ignore posting link in the author box. Article length varies from 400-600 words.

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  1. Blogging: Again one of the well known working link building techniques. Use image links as well with text link (one image and one text link are good to go with). Don’t forget to use image property such as alt tag, title, description and link to any page or post. Always submit a unique blog post to a blogging network. Create an official blog as well and link the blog to your website.

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  1. Submissions: Weather it is social bookmarking, directory submissions, profile creations or search engine submissions always use unique content for each submission. I know it will take time but surely worth your efforts and gives you higher value. Do not submit same content each time, it will be considered as duplicate content. Again, no mass submissions, just verified submissions are enough. During profile creation don’t forget to include your image, bio even more update the profiles on regular basis.

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  1. Press Release: Two PR’s in a month are fine to go with if you have limited resources, but the content must be error free, informative and unique. Again submit only on best PR submission web directory.
  1. Blog Commenting and Forum Discussion: Blog commenting and forum discussion both are two different techniques used in SEO methodology. Mostly people avoid both of the techniques as it’s a bit difficult to create such links. Why so? A good blog have comment moderation feature enable so when you submit the comment it won’t be visible publicly until a moderator approves the comment. On the other hand, you can’t submit a link in signature instantly as well this is because on a good discussion forum to post a link in signature you must be an old member. So for forum comments you need to build your reputation as an active forum member and then you can post your link in signature with comment.
  1. Tiered Link Building: A number of people don’t know much about “Tiered Link Building”. Tiered Link Building is a well known old link building technique but works in the modern era as well. It’s something like “Old is Gold” for link builders. Create 2 or 3 tire 3 back links to get best results. Don’t know what is Tiered Link Building? How to create back links using Tiered Link Building?

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