An Ultimate Guide for Social Media Marketing by BiS

Hi guys, in the recent articles I have discussed about search engine optimization now here is a complete guide of social media marketing, also known as social media optimization. As you know, now a day, social media marketing (in short SMM or SMO) is the backbone of any digital marketing campaign. It helps to generate more potential traffic instantly, even more, high quality links from SMO further helps in SEO efforts. Well there is no such definition of social media marketing but it refers to the practice of gaining more customers (traffic) or attention through social media networks.

An Ultimate Guide for Social Media Marketing by BiS for 2015

Most Popular Social Networks:

There are hundreds of social media sites up now on internet but you must need to choose the best platform which works for you and gives value to your business. There is no need to spend time with all social networking sites as most of them are just time wasters. So choose those which suites your business best and worth your efforts. Here is a list of most popular social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

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Top 10 Social Media Tips to Rule in 2015:

  1. Post timely and regularly: It is really important to use the best days and times to post the content. It depends on business niche and market place. For many businesses it’s from Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 10 PM. For some business its weekends. So it’s better, do your own research and find the best day and time according to your business, but post regularly.
  2. Create a relationship with your readers and followers: Don’t forget social media is a tool for engagement. So not just limit yourself to the posts, get in touch of your audience, engage them, get them involved in your posts and reply for their comments on time.
  3. Use images and videos: Don’t limit your posts to text content only, use attractive image or videos as well. Images such as infographics help your followers to understand your business. Use colors wisely while creating images. Even while creating a video make sure it’s professional.
  4. Make social media special and interesting: There should be something special for people to become a fan of you or liking your page. Offer special discounts and freebies for people who follow you on social networks.
  5. Stretch out your profile: You should highlight your social profiles strongly. Make sure to fill every corner of the profile, fill the details completely weather the required information is too short like Google+ or too massive MySpace. This is where personality of your business is developed and it’s really important for brand reputation and management.
  6. Don’t treat them like sales networks: We know the reason why business is on social networks: to increase sales weather directly or through building new customer relationships. But keep in mind, these are social platform not direct sales platforms. So it’s vital to use them accordingly, therefore use them to create relationships, to provide information or to entertain for free.
  7. Include social media into your business plan: Weather it’s a small business or big corporation or a startup everyone have a business plan for growth. So include the social media into it, set goal for different time periods and analysis the progress accordingly. This is how you will see social media worth it or not for you.
  8. Make it easy to share: Weather you’re posting text content or image or video make sure they are interesting and attractive, even make it as easy to share your updates as possible. Don’t forget to link your posts to a landing page of your website or blog or other social profile. If it’s easy for follower to just click and share, they are more likely to do so.
  9. Quality matters not the quantity: Always remember people like quality, if they are following you it means they want to know more about you, your business and your products. So make sure each post have relevant and complete information. Also, fix grammar errors if any. Read it again and again before posting to make sure it’s the best post contains everything for your audience.
  10. Hire social media manager: It should be the ideal way to make your social media campaign successful. Undoubtedly, experts can handle it easily for you. Hire an expert and experienced social media manager full-time or part time according to your budget.

If your company has narrow resources and can hire only one person to manage it all, at a minimum you should hire a person who posses strong writing and designing skills and have enough experience or you should outsource from best social media service provider agency.

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Benefits of outsourcing social media services:

Only few people posses the all required skills and experiences. You can’t easily find them or may need higher budget. But on the other hand if you’re outsourcing from a best SMO company, you will get an experienced team to work for you. A perfect social media team must have an experienced writer, graphics designer and professional video creator. So instead of hiring all of them at your place you should outsource to save money and for best results.

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