Why you need unique Content?

Content is one of the most important features of a website. Hope you have heard of the saying that “content is king”. If your content is fresh, unique and readable, your visitors will enjoy reading and they will back up your website or blog regularly. It is an awesome experience for them to visit your website or blog on a regular basis. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo encourage original, error free content and rank them higher. Your content must be relevant to the niche you’re writing and it must be informative. If your readers love your content, they will share it as well. Content may be a blog, an article or a website. They have different features and should to be written in a unique way. No keyword stuffing is allowed. There is a pre-defended ratio for keywords to be used in the content.

Blog Content:

A blog should be around 200-250 words. It should be posted on a blogger’s network or on an office blog of the company with an image.

Article Content:

An article should be around 400-600 words and depends on the platform you’re going to submit it. There is no significant difference between a blog and an article other than the word limit and images.

Website Content:

Web content plays a vital role in SEO as well. If your content is fresh and unique, you will rank higher. For a home page, it should be 500 words and for inner pages, it should be 300 words.

Content for Social Media:

Creating content for social media networks is a challenging task. It needs a lot of creativity and imagination. It should be small in length but completely informative, readable and authentic.

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Katie Summers

Katie Summers a well known young writer in USA. She is handling our content writing department as a team leader. We promise you to provide high quality, original and fresh, error free content for your website, blogs and e-books.

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