SEO – An Introduction and Complete Guide to Getting Started

SEO – An Introduction and Complete Guide to Getting Started

Search engine optimization (in short SEO) is one of the best and well-known digital marketing methodologies used by online business owners widely. SEO methodology includes strategies, techniques and tactics to increase visitors to a website by obtaining higher rankings on search engine result page (SERP) of a search engine. Mostly used search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEO ensures that a website is accessible to a search engine and improves the visibility of the website on a search engine.

Why SEO?

Internet users generally click on top three pages of search results, they do not click through pages and pages. Thus, the one that is on top three pages will surely receive more traffic. The higher a website ranks on organic search results the greater the chances of getting hits. This will surely help the business owner to create a new customer base.

How to find the best SEO Service provider?

SEO is not as easy as before. Major search engines such as Google have changing its algorithms from time to time for the last two years and making them stricter to filter its search results. Only the one who follows white hat tactics can achieve the rankings in SERP’s. So before hiring any SEO Agency make sure how it works, know more about its techniques and strategies, results achieved by it for its clients and current work reports of its clients.

Things to avoid:

There are some important things which need consideration to avoid unnecessary issues with search engine. Even more search engine may punish you by doing so. So it’s vital to avoid such things.

  • Do not use copied content: Content is king!!! The content of your website or blog must need to be fresh, unique and well written. Don’t copy the content from other website and resources. Write your own or hire a content writer.
  • Focus on Quality: Either doesn’t spam or spam and get punished!!! Yeah its true creating too many irrelevant and poor quality back-links may lead to get you penalized by the search engine. This means you can lose your rankings and traffic. On the other hand, if you consider relevancy and quality you can be on top pages of SERP. Even more by creating few good quality relevant back-links you may beat your competitor.
  • Avoid Over optimization: Don’t over optimize the website or blog. Follow search engine guidelines and improve rankings in SERP’s. This is the key to get faster results.

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